Talent hunt serves as a wonderful platform for talent which otherwise would not have a chance to showcase itself. To support and enhance such activities for talented and motivated youth communities and also to provide an appropriate, competitive forum, Talent Hunt 2019 was organized on 08.02.19 in SNS group of Institutions through SNS SRI for displaying the talents of the budding students in performing and visual arts. It creates numerous opportunities for them to demonstrate their mettle on the highly lucrative and competitive stage.

The students were highly motivated by the chief guest, Prof. Sukumar R, KCT with the words of inspiration in an inimitable style. Students from all walks of life were divided into senior and junior categories participated in these event. Totally 140 students registered out of which 121 students participated and showcased their various talents. The jury Prof. Sukumar from KCT scrutinized the best performers and categorized the winners.